Yacht and Boat Manufacturers have long been frustrated with using Velcro or 3M Dual-Lock fastening material to install removable panels during construction or refits. Current methods fail or break after even one attempt at removal or re-attachment. This innovative fastener system replaces “Hook and Loop” type fasteners. Each “BeauClip” holds up to 15lbs of down force which prevents panels from slipping, falling and constant repair/replacement of panels. The down force durability increases the longevity of panel placement.

“BeauClips”¬†are fabricated out of a special blend of DuPont Nylon with a fire retardant which meets all safety requirements and guidelines. They have a solid stability and simple installation; No measuring or special tools are required. This simple use and easy installments has proven to be cost effective and time saving due to the ease of installation for both Boat Manufacturers and yacht/boat owners.


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