The REVPAR GURU system allows hotel owners and staff to monitor many of their key metrics while in the office or on the fly.

Using some pretty nifty online marketing tactics such as an online “Results Calculator” which when a hotelier enters a few simple numbers the app churns out an estimated increase in revenue when using these advanced software algorithms.

The company is focused with laser-like intensity on the online market for its service and is very jazzed about social media’s potential for the hotel industry. Mourier was recently interviewed by a hotel industry analyst and talked specifically about “Social Technology’s Impact on Revenue Management.”

REVPAR GURU has had numerous hotel GM clients who explain how this new system is beneficial to their business.

Currently, the company prices its service according to the number of rooms at a client hotel. Whether they will go to a more traditional software-licensing model based on a per-seat or per-server basis is anybody’s guess. I could see it going either way.

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