Royalty Property

We are Royalty Property Management, a full-service property management company. We are a second generation locally owned and operated Real Estate busines in Miami-Dade, Fl. for over 50 years.

BusinesscardBACKAs a family company with our own multi-family investments consisting of hundreds of units, we are intimately familiar with the needs, concerns and expectations of a property owner. Our property management services are based on principles proven successful, for over 50 years, at our personally owned properties. Those principles and experience are aim to relieve owners of the day-to-day details of operation to ensure a smoothly operating, profitable real estate investment.

We offer apartment owners a program of internal systems that can effectively increase the value of their investment and increase revenues. We believe that there are many variables that impact the long-term success of a real estate investment. We believe that all basic operations – marketing, leasing, accounting and maintenance, must be fundamentally sound. Only then can they facilitate revenue growth, expense control and ultimately the enhancement of the asset’s value.

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