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Ideaweb Calltoaction

It sounds like a video game, but a call to action is actually a basic marketing technique. Surprisingly though, according to this infographic from Rieva Lesonsky 70% of all small business websites are neglecting to include a call to action on their home page. So perhaps a little refresher course is in order.

What is a call to action?
A call to action is simply the thing you want your users to do once their on your website. If you have a brick and mortar business your first thought might be “I don’t want them on my website, I want them in my store.” But even in that case, you need something for them to do from your website. Do you want them to call you and make a reservation or appointment? Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter to get more information? Do you want them to give you their email so you can contact them later?

Why have a call to action?
A clear, specific call to action not only helps you gain customers, it helps you focus your website, and evaluate your own success. If your call to action is asking people to sign up for your newsletter, then you’ll easily be able to see how successful the call is by comparing the number of new website visitors to the number of newsletter sign ups.

How to create a call to action?
This is one of those cases where the “how” is completely dependent on the “what” and “why.” Once you know what you want people to do and why, you can create a call to action. Keep the call simple and clear, both in terms of language and visuals. Keep the options limited. The call to action is simply the first step in building your relationship with your customer, you can get in to more complicated information later.