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Trends 2015 | Responsive Design

Responsive Web DesignSM

The year 2015 will finally see the shift where more individuals browsing on mobiles rather than on traditional computers. If you cannot easily browse a website on your device, you are not going to come back to it. It is necessary that the developers think like a website user or customer at times. This is why responsive design is so important. It allows a particular website to detect the screen size it is being pulled up on, and automatically adjust to best fit that screen size. This ensures that you are getting the best user experience possible, regardless of what screen size or device they are viewing your site on.

Technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous in today’s consumer market. Browsing and shopping occurs on computer, tablets, and smart phones. With over 2 billion mobile-broadband subscriptions, responsive design that works well across multiple devices is crucial to help consumers become customers.

When developing a responsive site, grids of information must adapt to different screen sizes, images must be flexible to fit into the appropriate space for each device, and CSS rules must apply suitably to varying browser displays. These set the foundation for a functional and attractive site.